Resin Bound Gravel is simply gravel that is bound together with a resin. The resin can be either clear to show off the natural colour of the gravel, or it can be coloured to give a more uniform appearance. Similar to permeable asphalt, resin bound gravel must also be laid on a permeable surface.


Resin Bound Gravel vs Resin Bonded Gravel

The two different products are commonly mixed up. However there is one important distinction to be made between resin bound gravel and resin bonded gravel.
Resin bound gravel, like permeable or porous asphalt is made up of (relatively) large pieces of gravel held together with resin, with void in between the gravel stones. Resin bonded gravel is simply gravel that has been stuck to a surface using resin, and is not necessarily permeable.



Resin bound surfaces for driveways are a relatively new product on the UK market.It is increasingly becoming a popular investment within the domestic industry. The solution is very flexible, particular in terms of colour, and can be laid on top of an existing surface, depending on the condition.

Cost Effective Eco-Friendly
Flexible Applications Range of Options
Simple Preparation Low Maintenance



If you are looking to have a new pathway or patio designed and installed within your garden or outdoor area, then you have come to the right place. Here at Tough Rock, we have been successfully providing quality resin pathways and patios throughout the area.


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In addition to driveway, pathway and patio applications, we can also provide tailored solutions to meet unique needs and requirements. Whether you are looking to have the area surrounding your swimming pool filled with resin stone or would like professional looking and easy to maintain flooring in your new conservatory, we are here to help.


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The resin acts as a top surface layer to which gravel, or another aggregate, can laid. Being effectively a glue, the aggregate with stick to that layer. There are two main categories of resin drive systems, resin bonded and resin bound. The difference is in the method of applying the aggregate.


In resin bonded systems, the gravel is scattered onto a pre-applied resin layer before it sets. In resin bound systems, the aggregate and resin are mixed together and then applied to the surface together. Either way, the drive or path will set quickly and be able to accept light traffic within a couple of hours.


Of course, this means that the work will need to be properly planned and scheduled so that it can be undertaken smoothly and the surface can be completed before the resin dries out.